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IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF MUSCOGEE COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA STATE OF GEORGIA, ex rel. JULIA SLATER, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, CHATTAHOOCHEE JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, Plaintiff v. PROPERTY SEIZED FROM WILLIAM JOHNSON, JACK PERKINS JR., CHRISTOPHER FLINN, CARLY OWSIAK, BRANDI LYNN PRICE TO WIT: $8,919.00 - EIGHT THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NINETEEN DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS IN U.S. CURRENCY; 1997 FORD EXPLORER BLACK 1FMZU34EXWZA45417; (1) VIVITAR DIGITAL CAMERA, SILVER; (1) FUJIFILM DIGITAL CAMERA, BLACK; (1) ECLIPSE BRAND MP3 PLAYER SN: 1303843195; (1) MOTOROLA DROID X2 CELL PHONE SN: SJUG583CD; (1) HIGHPOINT .380 PISTOL (10 ROUNDS) SN: P739270; (1) JC HIGGINS MODEL 33 .22 RIFLE SN: 2552429; (1) TAURUS .327 REVOLVER SN: BX89242; (1) MOTOROLA RAZR CELL PHONE, WHITE, SN UNKNOWN; (1) LG VERIZON CELL PHONE , BLACK, SN UNKNOWN; (1) SAMSUNG FLIP PHONE, GREY , SN A0000044B018B6; (1) SAMSUNG FLIP PHONE, GREY, SN A0000040984F7D; (1) SAMSUNG FLIP PHONE, BLUE SN: RRFB988660H; (1) NOKIA BLACKBERRY CELL PHONE, SN 059D9X6CS59HL36; (1) MOTOROLA CELL PHONE, BLACK AND WHITE, SN UNKNOWN; (1) SAMSUNG GALAXY S CELL PHONE, BLACK, SN UNKNOWN; (1) APPLE IPHONE BLACK, SN UNKNOWN. Defendant Property In Rem. NOTICE OF SEIZURE Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 16-13-49(n), any party claiming an interest in the forgoing Defendant Property In Rem is hereby notified that said property was seized by the undersigned law enforcement agency in Muscogee County, Georgia. Date and place of seizure: September 16, 2013 @ 914 30TH St. Apt. A, Columbus, Georgia Conduct giving rise to said seizure and violation(s) of law alleged: On the above date and place, the defendant(s) did, in Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act: 5 Cts. Trafficking Methamphetamine to wit: 70 grams; 5 Cts. Possession of Oxycodone with Intent to Distribute; & 5 Cts. Possession of Drug Related Objects. The narcotics were in close proximity to the cash inside the bag. The cell phones were directly or indirectly used or intended to be used to facilitate a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. The electronics and vehicles were in close proximity to the Narcotics that were found. You are further notified that you may file a claim within thirty (30) days of the second publication of this Notice of Seizure by sending a claim to the undersigned seizing officer/agent, and another original of said claim to Jennifer Dunlap, Assistant District Attorney, by certified mail with a return receipt requested, to the addresses set out below. This claim must comply with O.C.G.A. Section 16-13-49(n). Also, all claims should set out the physical address (not just a Post Office Box) where the claimant can be served with process or, in the alternative, should indicate that claimant's attorney will acknowledge service. This 8th day of October, 2013. Jennifer Dunlap Assistant District Attorney Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit Post Office Box 1340 Columbus, Georgia 31902 Ga. Bar No. 496933 (706)225-4336 S/A Chad Lifsey In c/o Stacey L. Hodges Columbus Police Dept - Special Operations 510 10th Street Columbus, GA 31901 (706) 225-3112 Pub:Oct.10,17&24,2013(2525305)