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Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive bidding on January 17, 2013 at 10 AM at the SmartStop Self Storage facility locations as follows:

Auction will start at Buford location at 10am the following will proceed in succession

SmartStop Self Storage Buford

4257 Buford Dr.

Buford, GA 30518


Jason Moore Unit 6277 Furniture, TV, boxes

Steven Inglett Unit 735 Mattresses, tools, TV, shelving

Ron Green Unit 6067 Computer equipment

Isabelle Robinson Unit 605 truck rims, misc parts


SmartStop Self Storage Old Norcross

2044 Old Norcross Road

Lawrenceville, Ga 30044


Bill Tran Unit 132 Scrap computers

Derrick Baido Unit 307 Computer Equipment

Ibis Herrera Unit 340

Sofa, rug, tv

Max Swinton Unit 529F

Lawn Mower, tools

Renardo Lawson Unit 520D Stool, pictures, boxes

Dora Archer Unit 570

Sofas, rug, table

Celeste Lumpkin-Heard Unit 6c26

Misc household items


SmartStop Self Storage 2040 Lawrenceville Hwy

2040 Lawrenceville Hwy (US Hwy 29/ GA 8)

Lawrenceville GA 30044


Denise Townsend Unit 207 Chairs, boxes, shelves

Denise Townsend Unit 74 Chairs, boxes, shelves

Denise Townsend Unit 204 Chairs, boxes, shelves

Victor Ramirez Unit 496

Stereo, air compressor, ladder

Ricko Foreman Unit 474

Chairs, mattress, tv

Yvonne Benett Unit 4102 Boxes, lamps, table

Sierra Gates Unit 213

Sink, chairs, ladder


SmartStop Self Storage Lawrenceville

3564 Lawrenceville Highway

Lawrenceville, GA 30044


Aaron Dingle Unit 234 Boxspring, Mattress, Dresser, Bar Stools

James Powell Unit 318 Headboard, Mattress, Clothing, Recliner

Devon Mays Unit 1005 Armoire, Dining Table, Chairs

Manuel Ventura Unit 1012

Boxspring, Headboard, Refrigerator, Boxes

Thomas Brown Unit 1144 Boxspring, Mattress, Dresser, Dryer

Frida Santiago Unit 2020

Boxspring, Mattress, Flat Screens, Clothing

Basunga Masamuna Unit 3003

Sofa, Loveseat, VCR, Dining Table

Sherry Virella Unit 3060 Boxspring, Headboard, Mattress, Sofa

Jhosetta Goudelock Unit 3081

Armoire, Sofa, TV, Banjo


SmartStop Self Storage N. Berkeley Lake

2801 North Berkeley Lake Rd.

Duluth, GA 30096


Jeffrey Sherman Unit 0201 TV, Stand

Lakeshia Hendricks Unit 0229

Household Items, Boxes, Furniture

Suvane Phosai Unit 0230 Household Items, Boxes, Furniture

Dae Lee Park Unit 0231 Phone Jack Machines, Boxes

Courtney Pope Unit 0404 Furniture, Picture Frames, Household Items

Jin Pak Unit 0450 Household Items, Boxes, Furniture

Bo Kang Unit 0709 Metal Frames, Boxes, Red Wheels

Sharita Parada Unit 1404 Boxes, Plastic Tubs, Furniture

Leonard Naylor Unit 2104

Appliance, Furniture

Teshun Lewis Unit 2309 Clothes, Artificial Plants, Copier

Barbara Ledford Unit 2311 Household Items, Boxes


SmartStop Self Storage Breckinridge

3357 Breckinridge Blvd.

Duluth, Ga. 30096


Romunda Thompson Unit 0094

Car Parts

Jhaparia Martinez Unit 0115 Clothes, Furniture,

Linda Pyron Unit 1100 Tables, Dressers, Vacuum

Brenda Rogers Unit 1112

Bed, Dressers, Bags

Ayesha Young Unit 1151 Tables, Bed, Couch

Marcus Tucker Unit 1402

Tires, Dresser, Boxes

Karl Wolff Unit 1406 Clothing, Boxes, Totes

Julien Helene Unit1412 Shoes, Boxes, Clothing

Candance Thomas Unit 1414 Toys, Dresser, Couch

Brandon Elam Unit 2013 Dresser, Chair, Boxes

Kamara Morris Unit 2023 Table, Chairs, Couch

Latoya Lopez Unit 2109 Boxes, Clothing, Toys

Attoiya Griffin Unit 2115 Boxes, Chair, Sofa

Demetris Stanley Unit 2118

Couch, Dressers, Totes

Kathy Cooper Unit 2202 Pictures, Clothing, Tables

Trescha Greenway Unit 2207

Shoes, Boxes, Clothing

Aleski White Unit 2208 Couch, Boxes, Dresser

Michelle Mayo Unit 2230

Couch, Dressers, Totes

Tereska Mayweather Unit 2500

Lawn mower, Table, Chairs

Roderick Jackson Unit 2508

Dresser, Chair, Boxes

Jeanne Hinton Unit 2602

Toys, Dresser, Clothing

Aleski White Unit 2208 Couch, Boxes, Dresser

Natasha Simpson Unit 3021 Boxes, Chair, Sofa

Nina Carson Unit 3037 Couch, Dressers, Totes

Karen Hurst Unit 3056 Boxes, Bags, Clothing

Demerrio Jefferson Unit 3104

Bed, Dressers, Bags

Shadia Sumlin Unit 3145

Tables, Bed, Couch

Tarnah Lorpu Unit 3202 Table, Futon, Couch

Tonya Franklin Unit 3229

Couch, Dressers, Totes

Zachery Bennett Unit 3306

Clothes, Furniture

Sequoia Ali Unit 3311 Boxes, Clothing, Toys

Selena Downie Unit 3421

Clothes, Furniture,

Marcia Marshall Unit 3404

Boxes, Chair, Sofa

April C. Johnson Unit 3424

Dresser, Couch, Bed Frames

929-102716, 1/2,10